Pasta (파스타)

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Genre :

Romantic , Comedy

Country :

South Korea

Director :

Kwon Seok-Jang

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January 4, 2010 - March 9, 2010

Seo Yoo-kyung started her career as a kitchen assistant at La Sfera restaurant for 3 years. Her dream is to become an Italian cuisine chef. She eventually works her way up to become a chef. One day, the La Sfera restaurant newly hires Choi Hyun-wook, a chef who went to culinary school in Italy. Upon his arrival, the female chefs are fired one by one and Yoo-kyung finds herself to be the last woman standing. She's fired several times but comes up with ways to be rehired by Choi Hyun-wook. Eventually she's rehired permanently when she wins a blind taste contest. The newly hired president, Kim San hires his friend and celebrity chef Sae-young as a co-head chef to work with Hyun-wook. It turns out that Sae-young and Hyun-wook used to date each other when they were both studying at the Italian culinary school. But they broke up after Sae-young sabotaged his wine by boiling it to win a cooking contest. They turn into rivals and try to outdo each other in making the finest Italian cuisine. Working alongside two celebrity chefs, Yoo-kyung feels small and insignificant. She gradually develops feelings for the charismatic Hyun-wook. However, restaurant owner Kim San begins to become attracted to the spunky Yoo-kyung and the relationships between them become fraught with complexities.

Main characters

  • Seo Yoo-kyung, played by Gong Hyo-jin
    • The daughter of a Chinese restaurant owner whose mother died of cancer, she dreams of becoming a celebrity chef. Having graduated from a lowly culinary school, she starts the series as a kitchen assistant for 3 years at La Sfera. She has a spunky attitude and she finally gets promoted to cook in the first episode, but after a new head chef, Hyun-wook, is hired, she is fired. She is able to return to her job, thanks to the restaurant manager who intervenes on her behalf. But Yoo-kyung has a long way to go until she will earn any respect from chef Hyun-wook for her cooking skills. She makes an effort to learn as much as she can from Hyun-wook and he, in turn, starts to grow fond of her. However, when Kim San, the restaurant owner of La Sfera, returns, her relationship between Hyun-wook and Kim San change abruptly.
  • Choi Hyun-wook, played by Lee Sun-kyun
    • A chef who rose to the top of his profession after starting at the bottom in an Italian restaurant in Sicily. Offered a hefty salary and housing from the La Sfera restaurant, he decides to become the head chef of the establishment. He detests female chefs after having a bad experience in the past and proclaims, "There will be no women in my kitchen". When his ex-girlfriend Sae-young joins him at the restaurant as co-head chef, he frequently quarrels with her and then makes up as they create wonderful cuisine for patrons.
  • Oh Sae-young, played by Lee Ha-nui
    • She's Yoo-kyung's role model as well as her roommate. Sae-young has her own cooking show and is the most celebrated female chef in Korea. During her years in Italy where she went to culinary school, she dated Hyun-wook and ruined his recipe to win a grand prix cooking contest. After returning to Korea, she instantly became a celebrity chef but when she's reunited with Hyun-wook, she has conflicted feelings towards him.
  • Kim San, played by Alex Chu
    • He's the actual owner of the La Sfera restaurant, but he hides this fact and poses as a regular restaurant patron for 3 years. One day, he takes a peek at Yoo-kyung's notes and develops an interest in her. Nobody pays much attention to Yoo-kyung, who is a kitchen assistant, but Kim San watches her closely. He helps Yoo-kyung from behind the scenes unbeknownst to Yoo-kyung.

Supporting characters

  • Lee Hyung-chul as Geum Seok-ho
  • Lee Sung-min as Seol Joon-seok
  • Choi Jae-hwan as Jung Eun-soo
  • Choi Jin-hyuk (credited as Kim Tae-ho) as Sunwoo Deok
  • Noh Min-woo as Philip
  • Hyun Woo as Lee Ji-hoon
  • Jo Sang-gi as Jung Ho-nam
  • Baek Bong-ki as Min Seung-jae
  • Heo Tae-hee as Han Sang-shik
  • Ha Jae-sook as Lee Hee-joo
  • Jung Da-hye as Park Mi-hee
  • Son Seong-yoon as Park Chan-hee
  • Choi Min-sung as Ne-mo
  • Byun Jung-soo as Kim Kang
  • Jang Yong as Seo Jong-goo
  • Kim Dong-hee as Seo Yoo-shik
  • Yoon Yong-hyun as Gwang-tae
  • Jung Dong-hwan as Choi Hyun-wook's mentor chef
  • Ryoo Seung-bum as Restaurant client (cameo, ep 9)

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