Lucky Romance

English Title :

Lucky Romance

Year :


Genre :

Romance , Drama , Comedy

Country :

South Korea

Director :

Kim Kyung-Hee

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Broadcast Period :

May 25 - July 14, 2016

A romantic comedy about superstitious woman who tries to change her foretold fate by seducing a virgin and nerd guy.

Bo Nui is a superstitious woman who relies too much in fortune-telling because of repeated misfortunes that befall her in the past. One day she gets to know that if she doesn't sleep with a virgin man born in the year of tiger, her sister will die soon. She then meets Soo Ho. Bo Nui learns that he matches the conditions set forth by the fortune teller and sets out to seduce him. Unfortunately for her, Soo Ho is a nerd genius CEO of a game company who trusts only in logical and scientific things.

Main Cast

  • Hwang Jung Eum as Shim Bo Nui (26, Chief of Programming, Marketing, Planning, and other chores. Zodiac: Sheep)
  • Park Seo Yun (박서연) as young Bo Nui
  • Ryu Joon Yul as Je Soo Ho (31, CEO and Project Director. Zodiac: Tiger)
  • Lee Soo Hyuk as Choi Gun Wook / Gary (24, tennis player. Zodiac: Rooster)
  • Lee Chung Ah as Han Sul Hee (34, Head of IM Sport Korea. Zodiac: Pig)

People around Bo Nui

  • Kim Ji Min as Shim Bo Ra (19, sister)
  • Kim Jong Goo (김종구) as Goo Shin (62, shaman)
  • Kim Sang Ho as Won Dae Hae (48, President of Daebak Sport)

People around Soo Ho

  • Jung Sang Hoon as Han Ryang Ha (33, owner of game cafe)
  • Ki Joo Bong as Je Mul Po (59, father)
  • Na Young Hee as Yang Hee Ae (52, mother)
  • Jung In Ki as Ahn Young Il (57, legendary programmer)

People around Gun Wook

  • Jo Young Jin as Choi Ho (50, father)

Zeze Factory's workers

  • Lee Cho Hee as Lee Dal Nim (26, Planning team)
  • Jung Young Ki (정영기) as Song Dae Kwon (mid 30s, senior developer)
  • Yoon Bong Gil as Lee Hyun Bin (late 20s, development programmer)
  • Jin Hyuk as Ryu Ji Hoon (mid-to-late 20s, development programmer)
  • Cha Se Young (차세영) as Ga Seung Hyun (28, graphic designer)
  • Kwon Hyuk Soo (권혁수) as Chow Yun Fat (20s, graphic designer and voice actor)

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